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Castelnau des Fieumarcon is situated in gastronomic Gascony, the land of foie gras, Armagnac, all things duck, and everything that is truly delicious!

At the village we work only with the very best caterers who can offer you a variety of styles and prices to suit every approach.

Want to create a village fete for your guests? Perhaps the entertaining food truck could provide you with crepes, pizza, paella or moules frites. With lights and music and through the night, this can be a relaxed and convivial way to spend an evening under the stars.

Breakfast can be delivered to each individual house discreetly allowing your guests to wake at leisure and wander out to the kitchen to find fresh pastries and bread awaiting them!

Vibrant platters of seasonal salads, home made tarts, picnics and BBQ’s can be arranged for laid back feasting with friends all around the village.

And of course the main event – a night of sublime cuisine coupled with the perfect local wines, trays of delectable canapés or atelier food stands dotted around the gardens served with champagne and cocktails as the sunsets…

Or the medieval style slow roasted pork on a spit, tender and aromatic to tempt your guests from their restorative slumber post party!

Just some suggestions to make your mouth water. Our manager Anneli is a private chef and will help you to plan and organise all your meals throughout your stay in any order, style or way you might imagine!

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