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Events & Incentives

We specialise in big events, be it 50th or 60th birthday parties, family gatherings or incentives and seminars.

The beauty of hiring an entire village is that you get so much more than with a typical hotel. Within the 14 houses you have space to find a moment of calm or to gather in intimate groups. There are many gardens and terraces to spread out over, to meet for drinks on one lawn only to move to another for lunch and then again somewhere else for some games!

For business related groups and personal alike, this offers you many spaces to hold smaller meetings, whilst using the bigger spaces and banquet hall for being all together.

In this land of good living, a great number of activities are available, such as hot air balloon rides, river promenades, horse riding, biking, golf and more. The nearby town of Lectoure has natural hot thermal springs which have been turned into a charming spa centre. The Castelnau has its own private outdoor swimming pool with beautiful valley views, and a tennis court is located just outside the village walls.

Please see ‘around the Castelnau’ for more details.

Set in the gastronomic heart of Gascony, we only offer the very best in seasonality and produce, as befits this area and our location. Please see ‘Catering’.

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