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Your wedding in a venue unlike any other

Your wedding, your way, in a venue unlike any other.

Leave the hustle and bustle behind and celebrate in this truly unique setting. Surrounded by rolling countryside, perched on a hill; within these ancient stone walls you can inhabit your own village and come together with those you love.

We are a venue with infinite possibilities, with multiple indoor and outdoor spaces for all you can conceive.

The stronghold offers 14 houses – with 37 bedrooms and 32 bathrooms – to sleep up to 80 guests onsite. Whilst the banquet hall and terraces can accommodate parties of up to 180.

The village is all about being together on your most special of days, sharing moments with your family and friends and leaving the outside world behind.

We only create made to measure experiences, carefully crafting the most unforgettable weekend of your lives.

Come and write your own history…

We welcome all your questions. Please contact us on: office@gascony.org

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