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The Banquet Hall & Outdoor Spaces

Breakfast at noon, jazz at twilight, no TV’s, no telephone. A fortified village where you can share your holiday fantasies with 80 friends.


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About the Ecuries House

The west side of the 17th century Monumental Stables (National Heritage) has been beautifully renovated into an incredible space for eating and entertaining. There is a large vaulted reception hall of 180sqm with a commercial kitchen attached for all catering possibilities. It can comfortably seat 150 guests for dinner. The reception room leads out through huge arched windows to a grassy terrace with stunning views which can hold a further 200 seated diners.
Above the reception hall is a purpose built conference room of 100sqm with internet access and a capacity of 40, as well as a huge roof top terrace of 250sqm with incredible views of the surrounding countryside. The Monumental Stables are number 17 on the map.

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